Esto es el cuadro de un trabajo que teniamos que acer:

The good shepherd

This is a paiting by Bartolomé Murillo.
In this painting Bartolomé Murillo use the colours white, red, brown, yellow and blue.
Murillo has draw a sheep and a shepherd.
Under the shepherd there is a dog.
Behind the boy, you can see a column.
He's stick is long.
He wears a dress is a colour pink.
At right of the photo, there is a group of sheeps that are sleeping.

En clase estamos dando los verbos regulares e irregulares:
  • regulares:
  • jump- jumped
  • play- played
  • dance- danced
  • invite- invited
  • like-liked
  • hate-hated
  • cry-clied
  • try- tried
  • love- loved
  • stop- stopped
  • walk- walked
  • want- wanted
  • wprk-worked
  • listen- listened

  • Irregulares:
  • sing-sang
  • swim- swam
  • think. tought
  • drink. drank
  • eat- ate
  • see-saw
  • go- went
  • Do-did
  • read-read
  • sit-sat
  • gat-got
  • write-wrote
  • buy-bought
  • send.sent
  • come-came
  • can-could
  • have-had
  • fly- flied

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